My Yoga teaching style is a mixture of hatha, vinyasa, restorative, kundalini, yin and healing yoga I cater for everyone willing to learn, progress and participate at all levels.

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Saturdays 9-30 - 10.30am at Barnwood Arboretum
Please email me to confirm your place.


Other classes are held at:
Nuffield Health Gloucester Fitness & Wellbeing Gym


Everlast Fitness Club Gloucester


This is a beautiful practice, asanas are held in a quiet, nurturing space within your mind and your body, we have cushions,  blankets, pillows, eye masks, hot tea and homemade snacks. 
This helps unhealthy or injured bodies restore itself back to normal.

Yin works deep into the connective tissues to activate change 
You will feel how the slightest most subtle movement changes the asana.

Emotions surface that you would normally suppress. 


Restorative : this practise heals a body in need of healing 

Yin : activates change in an healthily to increase performance 

The asanas : poses that are all floor based


Restorative & yin yoga is a wonderful practise for stress, anxiety, relieves chronic back pain, injuries and fatigue on many levels.
My classes are taught with low lighting, soft music and many props that aid comfort and support.

The style of yoga suits beginners or an advanced students. I will adapt all Asanas, assist and adjust you to ensure you’re comfortable and receive the best advise you need to individually help you.
What to bring: cushion, blanket, warm socks and your favourite mug (for tea)
Comfortable warm breathable clothes.




I offer one live Zoom yoga session every Thursday plus 4 x pre-recorded half hour sessions.


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I welcome one-to-one clients.

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Email: or you can call or text me on: 07768 918740