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Lulu is a gifted masseuse and yoga instructor. Her yoga classes are more than just an exercise class. She painstakingly creates a mood with her music, lighting and carefully chosen sequences . You will leave every class feeling renewed restored and stronger. Her massages are equally as powerful. Don’t hesitate to book! You deserve it!


Yoga with Lulu is lighthearted, motivational, spiritual and healing. It's so much more than exercising and toning up and is differentiated for all ability levels. It's simply the best. The massages are done intuitively, sensitively and with aftercare advice and interest. Lulu is the lady with the magic fingers and a huge, caring heart ❤ 


I have been attending Lulu's yoga classes at my local gym for quite a few years. Each class is both challenging, energising and calming. Lulu is always considerate peoples abilities and adapt each post to suit the whole class. 

Lulu is an inspiration! At the beginning of the first lockdown she was very enterprising and offered to yoga practice online. I took advantage of this and it was wonderful to do these classes, especially when lulu was able to teach outdoors. I found it very uplifting in some of those dark times. Classes are not the same every time and I like the exclamation that go along with the asanas.

Although I am not able to do all of the poses, I am not deterred, as it is made clear to me and the students that we are all different and have different strengths and weaknesses. At my gym, ladies classes are always full, often with a waiting list and I think this speaks volumes!

Thank you lulu. Keep doing what you're doing!


Lu Lus massages are always professional and tailored to suit specific requirements and problem areas. Lu Lu has endless knowledge about the body so I always go to her whether I require, relaxation , recuperation or have an injury.
Her yoga classes and massages are truly unique, often including beautiful music, natural aromas and oils (massages only). I love to book a massage in the summer in her wonderful holistic tipi which is a real treat!

I have been coming to Lulu’s classes for over 5 years now, and I love them.
Her class is both relaxed and challenging and her gentle tone and beautiful music choice make her classes enjoyable and I always feel happy and rebalanced after the class. She is warm hearted, fun and energetic teacher
Lulu is a rare find!


All hail to Lulu, WonderWoman. I have known Lulu for a few years now,
but last week, went for a massage with Electro-acupuncture.
I have been suffering with Tieze Disease, Costachondritis, for maybe 8 years or more, getting severe pains around the ribcage, the intercostal muscles.
In one session, I think and hope, she has freed me, of the disease! 


I could easily get addicted to the Electro-Acupuncture!
She also instantly, relieved me of cramps in my calf muscles!
I also have (or maybe had?), a damaged shoulder, with rotator cuff problems.
I think and hope, its on the mend!!!


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