I am replying on behalf of Ruth and I in respect of Louise, who we both have considerable long term contact with as a yoga mentor and teacher. She, in our view is exceptional. Her classes are tailored to the client in an accurate and sympathetic manner. Her example is of considerable bearing - fit, flexible and accurate with asanas. Her breadth of knowledge is wide, with a comprehensive understanding of yoga and the application of other health and fitness programs including running, pilates, weight training, and integrated nutrition and detoxification regimens. She is a lady of the highest standards. A perfectionist with a relaxed understanding of the needs of each individual in her class she exudes a sympathetic yet empowering attitude which draws the best from her charges. Her teaching is simple to understand yet challenging and physically matched to the capabilities of her students. She is relaxed and easy going yet subtly draws the best from the class. Her professionalism is exemplary, in the manner which the classes are run; timely, well planned and appropriate for the level of student.


I am not a personal friend of Louise but have been hugely impressed and motivated by her style of yoga that it has become a foundation of the way I execute my life.


-Andrew and Ruth Parry.



My name is Cathy and having just turned 50 I am trying to stay a bit more healthy.

I am pretty fit but had put a little extra weight on over the winter months so I decided to do Louise’s “10 day yoga detox” and the results were fabulous.  My friend and I both lost 3 kilograms and with the added yoga exercise I managed to knock off 2 inches off my waste.  It was unbelievable as I have done cleanses before but just seemed to put the weight back on.  After day 2, I began to notice my skin changing becoming more soft and my waist becoming thinner.   I had plenty of food to choose from and found the detox program easy to follow.  It did take planning and a lot of preparation but my end result was better than I expected as I managed to keep my weight off and now after 5 months have only ½ kilogram weight gain.  Of course I continued with weekly yoga and try to exercise a few times a week.  I don’t follow the detox but there are a few things that I still try to do which probably helps along the way.    Definitely would do it again and am thankful to Louise for all her excellent teaching and ability to motivate her students.  She is a beautiful teacher and has made a positive impact in my life and my health!





I would like to thank Lulu for such a wonderful Massage.

Her empathy was second to none.

Her experience is top of the scale alongside with knowledge.

I book weekly as I would rather spend my money on me than a meal out.

Thank you Lulu


- Mary




I have regularly attending Lulu's Yoga classes and can honestly say they changed my life and outlook

She is an amazing Teacher and mentor.

I've moved now and am deeply saddened that I still cannot find a replacement for Lulu


-Jo larkin Ware




Both me and hubby have regular massages they have become a part of “must have” to unwind, distress and relax.

She is absolutely worth every penny


- Denise and Tim




I absolutely love Lulu's caring way she teaches yoga, her passion for her job shines through. Ive recently had a deluxe massage which

entailed thai, oil, indian head, foot massage and a healing session. I was absolutely blown away, I have never experienced such a full

depth all over pampering. She truely is a gifted young lady that has many qualities. I am a regular at yoga, and have now booked monthly to leave myself in her hands. thankyou so much.


- Lisa - 

 Cheltenham • Gloucestershire

Phone: 07768 918740

Email: silouette2010@hotmail.com